In recent developments, Thaddeus and his band have been chosen to participate in a program with Bose to help them launch their new Personalized Amplification System(tm) family of products. Thaddeus is one of only 24 music acts that were hand-picked to represent Bose in live music venues nationwide. This unique cutting-edge sound system is changing the way live music is amplified and recorded and was used to record Thaddeus’ newly released 4th solo CD, “Live at Bose” (Higher Ground Records).

This highly anticipated live recording finally captures the energy of his group. For those interested, in knowing how this recording was done, Here are some technical details of the “Live at Bose” recording: There were a total of eight recorded tracks done live: 6 analog DI’s directly from the Bose units and 2 room mics.

The six DI’s from the Bose units were being fed from the live mics which were placed by the Bose engineers for sound reinforcement for the concert audience. One DI from the bass channel, one from the guitar channel, one from the keyboard channel, one from the lead vocal, and two channels from the drums – one dedicated kick mic and the other a sub-mix of the rest of the mics around the kit. As implied, the kit was recorded mono, and then “stereoized” during the mix process.

The only mics that were used purely for recording (not going through the live Bose systems) were two small Omnis placed on either side of the room, used mostly to capture audience response and a bit of room ambience and stereo information.

The only additional tracks were the background vocals, which were re-recorded at Little Dog Studios, all overdubbed by Thaddeus.

The eight live tracks were captured using a Digidesign (Pro Tools) 002 rack unit, running off of a Powerbook G4. The background vocals and mix were done on a Pro Tools HD system in the studio.

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