Thaddeus uses the Two Rock Custom Reverb Signature Amplifier and is a Two-Rock Artist:

Thaddeus uses HOHNER harmonicas:

Thaddeus is a proud endorser of D’Addario Strings

The Thaddeus Hogarth Band has been chosen to participate in a program with Bose to help them launch their new Personalized Amplification System(tm) family of products. This system is really unique, and it could completely change the way we amplify live music. We are quite honored to be a part of this deal since Bose is always on the cutting edge of audio technologyWe were hand-picked to be one of only 24 music acts who will be representing Bose in live music venues nationwide. So the next time you come out to hear us, take a look. We might be playing on our new Bose gear. If you want to know more about it, check out their website:

Thaddeus uses Groove Tubes amplifiers and products:

Thaddeus uses these the Ethos Overdrive Pedal:

Thaddeus uses the Lunchbox Amplifier ZTAmplifiers:

Thaddeus uses the Blackstone Mosfet 2SV3 pedal:

Thaddeus uses the WET reverb pedal made by Neunaber technology:

Thaddeus uses the 3D112 Speaker Cabinet by Forte Musical:

This is one of the best boutique amp buys out there period. PTP handmade, lightweight, affordable and this amp screams. I have the Rottweiler and the Doberman single 12″ and they both scream!!!!

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